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George Marshall

Over the past 25 years I have worked at all levels of the environmental movement, including many years in the US as a senior campaigner for Greenpeace US and the Rainforest Foundation.

The Oxford-based Climate Outreach and Information Network, the charity I co-founded in 2004, has become a leader in climate change communications and widely recognised specialist in reaching new audiences. We have worked with trades unions, scouts, women's organisations, churches, Rotary Clubs, and many government departments and councils. We are a lead advisor to the Welsh Government.

Please follow me for my news and views, research and observations on the themes in the book - climate change psychology, narratives, communications and the weirdness of our collective response.

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I very much like to hear from people, and I am interested in all views, though I really don’t want to get into any debates about whether climate change is happening. I am convinced it is very serious and so is every scientific institution in the world.

But do contact me if you like the book, have some comment, or have your own ideas about why we find it hard to accept the issue. Please remember, though, that I am likely to be overwhelmed with emails and so may not be able to answer everyone. And, if you do not agree with me, please treat me with the same level of respect that you would expect yourself.

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