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I love seeing copies of my book covered in notes and stickers- it shows that people are really making it work for them. I met this lady in Seattle and her copy was 50% book, 50% post-it notes! 

A masterful guide to how we talk about climate change.
Aaron Huertas,
science communication officer Don't Even Think About It is the best thing I have read on dynamics of climate denial.  I am now much wiser in my interactions with deniers.  Everyone working on the issue of global warming needs to read this book.
The Rev. Dr. John C. Forney, Progressive Christians Uniting

I could not put it down. Thank you for writing such a thoroughly researched, page-turner--a must-read for all concerned about climate change. Jane Vosburg, Co-rdinator of 350.org CalSTRS disinvestment campaign

​Essential reading for everyone interested in communicating the science of climate change and its urgent policy implications. ...Marshall has obviously thought deeply about how to address different audiences and, for such a difficult subject, he has produced a surprisingly accessible read. That takes a lot of wit, work and wisdom and it proves that at least that he knows how to communicate. We should pay attention.
Andy Skuce- full review on his blog Critical-Angle.net link.

The chapter where he visits the Shell building is hilarious. He speaks to all the people you’d expect a clever writer would: scientists, psychologists, a full totem of people highly qualified to comment and give insight. I essentially come from the world of pop culture It’s all about consuming twinkly things. The only complex chemical compound we can name is MDMA. As I work my way through Marshall’s book, I thought I’d add some thoughts to see what comes out
Sarah Hay- Pop Culture and Cool....read more ​

It is a great “one stop shop” for learning about all the psychological mechanisms that make it difficult to address planetary climate change. 
Joe Brewer - Change Strategies for Humanity. Joe Brewer is a psychologist and specialist in cognitive framing. Video review of the book here

Rebecca Nestor, Learning for Good,  Oxford

I did my MA research dissertation on climate change communication, and wish I'd had your book then! Really interesting read thank you. Janine John, Janine John Consulting, environmental communications specialist, Lake District, UK.

I ‘enjoyed’ the book so much that I’m about to start reading it again! Alexis Rowell, Cuttingthecarbon.com

​It gripped me from cover to cover. For me the subject of enemy narratives it raises is one of the key issues. ​
Adrian Tait, co-founder of the ​Climate Psychology Alliance

A brilliant book - I am fired up to craft frames, build bridges & respect values
Ed Gillespie, Futerra Communications- former climate communications advisor to UK government

The talk, and book, are truly fascinating and I’d urge all interested in how we communicate climate science to take heed. ​More... Sam Alvis, Hot Cold Left Right: Climate Debate in all directions